Derby Gold Workers Florida’s Longest Established Shavings and Packaging Facility

Located in Williston and Ocala, Florida, Derby Gold is into its second decade of providing the finest performance equine and show animal bedding available.

The Hodge Brothers — Eddie, Johnny and Billy — have been involved in the timber and forest industries for more than 30 years. They founded Derby Gold Pine Shavings to offer performance-grade bedding to members of the neighboring thoroughbred industry. Word of Derby Gold’s performance-enhancing qualities quickly spread to owners and trainers throughout the world of sport horse competitions.

Today, Derby Gold pine shavings are available direct from our Central Florida mill.

All three DG premium pine shavings products are carefully processed and packaged in our quality-controlled facility, strategically located for fast delivery throughout Florida. We ship by rail and to major ports for worldwide distribution.

All wood used in our premium pine products is harvested from pine plantations in Florida, owned or managed by the Williston Timber Company, a Hodge family enterprise. This assures quality control "from the seedling to the stall." No additives. No recycled pallets or other waste wood, as are often found in competitive products.

Derby Gold is 100% pure pine, with naturally occurring odor-reducing and hoof-sustaining qualities.

Derby Gold Plant